Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

by john

Accurate Results in Time.

We believe in peoples performance and quality, investing in their potential and results.

Our vision and goals are to become number one in consultancy and recruiting across England, providing quality consultancy that fit in projects timelines and capital.

Accuracy Informatics Team


90% International Staff


75% Women


33% with MsC


  • Established UK Company
  • Single expertise: Information Technology
  • 11 consultants
  • Multiple nationalities: UK, EU, USA
  • Private limited company

About Accuracy Informatics

With a broad range of expertise in large, medium and small projects, we are confident in providing you excellence and quality according with timelines and capital.


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We combine in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in operations and informatics to help our clients create sustainable, organic progress and help your businesses take the next step forward.
Accuracy Informatics Team
Accuracy Informatics did a risk assessment of potential future needs and how we could plan for them. They bring a wealth of knowledge as well as a personal touch so often missing from other firms. Highly recommended.

Our consultants help companies rethink business and operating and models to deliver breakthrough value. Our people know how to anticipate, collaborate, and innovate, and create opportunity from even the unforeseen obstacle. We are proud to be part of the largest global professional services network, serving our clients in the markets that are most important to them.

Our dedication to leadership extends beyond our clients and the commercial marketplace to our own organization and the communities where we work and live.