About Us

About Us

by john

Accuracy Informatics is an IT Consultancy that operate mainly in England.

The company was created as an effort to provide solid and quality information technology consultancy for the businesses and do believe that the quality, performance and security required by the market will bring us together in the same target.

Our belief is that a strong and performant team is the main functionality of a business that can make the difference between quality and average. The employees quality of work reflect in projects delivery, clients recommendations and business revenue.

With vast experience working with large corporations, as IBM, RBI, British Government and many others, we identify, plan and implement your requirements according with the latest technology and security standards, providing you efficiency and quality that fit in budget, becoming a natural service that fit in your company.

Accuracy Informatics Information Security

Certified Consultants

No matter how complex your projects, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the consultancy you need to move forward.
Accuracy Informatics Vision

Accuracy Informatics believes in people. And we make efforts to ensure that our people can deliver the highest quality service in the market.

Our customers success is connected with our success and we do believe that together we can obtain better results.

Accuracy Informatics

Reviews of the services we offer from just some of our customers and the added value we can provide your business.

Accuracy Informatics

Our goal is to draw upon research and experience from throughout our professional services organization.